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Advance Certificate in Spoken English

Duration- 12 Months 
Eligibility: Class VIII + ISE + CSE

   Module            Hours              Title
  Module 18        2-3hrs        Talking To Your Superiors
  Module 19        2-3hrs        Elements of a Story
  Module 20        2-3hrs        Personal Pronouns
  Module 21        2-3hrs        Demonstrative Pronouns
  Module 22        1-3hrs        Casual Conversation While Shopping
  Module 23        1-2hrs        Uses of ‘HERE’ And ‘THERE’
  Module 24        2-3hrs        Talking To Children
  Module 25        1-3hrs        Telephone Etiquette
  Module 26        2-3hrs        Business Communication
  Module 27        1-2hrs        Conversation with a Doctor
  Module 28        1-2hrs        Participating in Group Discussions
  Module 29        1-3hrs        Conducting Meetings
  Module 30        1-3hrs        Attending Interviews

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