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# Courses Code
courses Junior Certificate Course in Computer Application JYCSM 01
courses Certificate in Computer Application (CCA) JYCSM 02
courses Diploma In Computer Application (DCA) JYCSM 03
courses Certificate in DeskTop Publishing (CDTP) JYCSM 04
courses Diploma in DeskTop Publishing (DDTP) JYCSM 05
courses Certificate In Financial Accounting (CFA) JYCSM 06
courses Certificate In Accounting (TALLY) JYCSM 07
courses Certificate in Computer Aided Design (CCAD) JYCSM 08
courses Certificate In Information Technology (CIT) JYCSM 09
courses Diploma In Information Technology (DIT) JYCSM 10
courses Advance Diploma in Information Technology (ADIT) JYCSM 11
courses Certificate in Hardware & Networking Engineering (CHNE) JYCSM 12
courses Certificate In Network Technology (CNT) JYCSM 13
courses Certificate In Hardware Technology (CHT) JYCSM 14
courses Certificate In Web Technology Fundamentals (CWTF) JYCSM 15
courses Certificate In Web Technology (CWT) JYCSM 16
courses Advance Diploma In Web Technology (ADWT) JYCSM 17
courses Diploma In PHP (DPHP) JYCSM 18
courses Advance Diploma In Software Application (ADSA) JYCSM 19
courses Computer Teacher's Training (CTT) JYCSM 20
courses Professional course in C Language JYCSM 27
courses Professional course in C++ JYCSM 28
courses Professional course in Visual Basic JYCSM 29
courses Professional course in Java JYCSM 30
courses Professional course in Oracle JYCSM 31
courses Professional course in .NET Technology JYCSM 32
courses Diploma In Hardware Technology (DHT) JYCSM 33
courses Advanced Course of Mobile Phone Repair JYCSM 34
courses Diploma in Computer Office Management (DCOM) JYCSM 35
courses Diploma in Financial Accounting (DFA) JYCSM 36
courses Advance Diploma in Financial Accounting (ADFA) JYCSM 37
courses Certificate in PHP JYCSM 38
courses Certificate in Troubleshooting & PC-Handling. JYCSM 39
courses Introduction of Spoken English JYCSM 40
courses Certificate in Spoken English JYCSM 41
courses Advance Certificate in Spoken English JYCSM 42
courses Advance Diploma in Hardware & Networking Engineering (ADHNE) JYCSM 43
courses Master in Computer Hardware Engineering (MCHE) JYCSM-44
courses Master in Computer Networking Engineering (MCNE) JYCSM-45
courses Specialist in Printer Repairing (SPR) JYCSM-46
courses Certificate In Multimedia JYCSM-47
courses Diploma In Multimedia JYCSM-48
courses Certificate In Basic Programming JYCSM-49
courses Diploma in Hardware & Networking Engineering (DHNE) JYCSM-50
courses Post Graduate Diploma In Computer Application (PGDCA) JYCSM-51
courses Diploma In Computer Aided Design (DCAD) JYCSM-52
courses Advance Diploma in Computer Application (ADCA) JYCSM-53
courses Advance Diploma In Office Management & Publishing (ADOMP) JYCSM-54
courses Certificate in Beautician JYCSM-55
courses Certificate in Hair and Skin Care. JYCSM-56
courses Certificate in Art And Craft JYCSM-57
courses Certificate in Laser Cutting Designing JYCSM-58
courses Certificate in Computer Embroidery JYCSM-59
courses Certificate in Data Entry Operation. JYCSM-60
courses Professional Course In Tailoring. JYCSM-61
courses Certificate in Tailoring. JYCSM-62
courses Certificate Course in Yoga & Fitness JYCSM-64
courses Diploma in Digital Marketing JYCSM-65
courses Certificate Course in Nursing Assistance JYCSM-66
courses Diploma in Drawing And Painting JYCSM-67
courses Certificate Course in Physiotherapy Technician JYCSM-69
courses E-Shiksha JYCSM-70
courses Certificate in Telecommunication JYCSM-71
courses Basic Computer Courses (BCC) JYCSM-72
courses Certificate in House Wiring & Electricity JYCSM-73
courses Certificate in Professional Makeup Artist. JYCSM-74
courses Certificate Course in CCTV Installation And Maintenance. JYCSM-75
courses Certificate Course in Advanced Java. JYCSM-76
courses Certificate in Electro Cardiography Technique (E.C.G. Technician) JYCSM-68
courses Master Diploma in Financial Accounting (MDFA) JYCSM-77
courses Professional Course in PYTHON Programming. JYCSM-78
courses Professional Advance Diploma in Computer Application (PADCA) JYCSM-79
courses Diploma In Secretarial Management (DSM) JYCSM-80
courses PG Diploma in Secretarial Practice & Office Management. JYCSM-81
courses Certificate in Advance Excel JYCSM-82
courses Certificate In Graphics Design (CGD) JYCSM-83
courses Diploma In Graphics Design (DGD) JYCSM-84
courses Advanced Diploma In Multimedia (ADM) JYCSM-85
courses Diploma Computer Typing & Stenography. JYCSM-86
courses Certificate Course in Public Health Worker. JYCSM-63
courses Certificate Course In Plumbing. JYCSM-87
courses Professional course in Photoshop JYCSM-88
courses Diploma In Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking JYCSM-89
courses Introduction of Ethical Hacking JYCSM-90
courses Smart E-Commerce. JYCSM-91
courses Certificate Course in Computer (CCC) JYCSM-92
courses Digital Kids (Class 2) JYCSM-93
courses Digital Kids (Class 3) JYCSM-94
courses Digital Kids (Class 4) JYCSM-95
courses Digital Kids (Class 5) JYCSM-96
courses Digital Kids (Class 6) JYCSM-97
courses Digital Kids (Class 7) JYCSM-98
courses Digital Kids (Class 8) JYCSM-99
courses Certificate Course in MySQL JYCSM-100