JAS -ANZ accredited An ISO 9001: 2008 & 9001 : 2015 Certified Autonomous Body | A National Programme of Information Technology Education & Development.

Advance Diploma in Hardware & Networking Engineering (ADHNE)

Duration- 12 Months 
Eligibility: Class XII 

  1. Analog & Digital Electronic
    SMPS (component level)
    Mother board (component level)
    Storage devices (HDD, DVD WRITER & COMBO DRIVER)
    Printer (DMP, LASER)
    o Computer Fundamentals.
    o O.S, Computer Architechture.Switch Mode Power Supply, Motherboard & Microprocesso.
    o Assembling Of Computer.
    o UpGradating Of Computers.
    o BIOS,CMOS,Setting HDD Partition,F disk.
    o Installation Of O.S
    o Installation Of Modem,Sound,VGA,LAN,Adapter.
    o Installation & Configuration Of Internet.
    o Installation Of Multimedia.
    o Ø Fundamentals
    o ComputerNetworking
    Ø Transmission
    Ø Network Device 
    Ø  OSI & TCP/IP Models
    Ø  Network Protocols
    Ø  IP Address
    Ø  Subnet masking
    Ø  Transmission Media & cabling
    Ø  Peer to peer networking
    Ø  NTFS Permissions
    Ø  File and Folder sharing
    Ø  Printer Sharing
    Ø  Printer Sharing
    Ø  Configure Internet Connection.
    Ø  Internet connection Sharing (Proxy Server & ICS)
    Ø  Configure wifi router.
    Ø  Configure Outlook, Backup and Restore.
    Ø  Client Server Networking
    Ø  Domain Configure.
    Ø  Domain Joining.
    •         DHCP
    •         FTP
    •         WEB
    •        DNS

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