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Professional Course in PYTHON Programming.

Duration- 03 Month's 

Eligibility:Basic Programming knowledge (C / C++), Concept of SQL.

Overview of Python programming including its’ History.
ï‚· Installation of Python and Setting up the Development Environment.
ï‚· Fundamental issues and Syntax in Python.
ï‚· Different data types and operators.
ï‚· List, Tuple, Dictionary, String, Set.
ï‚· Decision making and Loops.
ï‚· Function in Python, Types of functions, Recursive Functions.
ï‚· Exception handling, User defined Exceptions.
ï‚· File I/O and File handling.
ï‚· Python as Object Oriented Programming, Object and Classes in python.
ï‚· Use of Database (MySQL) in Python programming environment.
ï‚· Python in Web.
ï‚· Introduction to DJANGO Framework.
ï‚· Getting Started with DJANGO.
ï‚· Advanced DJANGO.
ï‚· Mini Project Implementation.